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NHS Cuts Harm Healthcare Equality, Walk-in Centres

Women, minorities and the homeless are likely to be the most affected by the conservative government’s plan to replace walk-in centres with services that may merge them with overcrowded and underfunded A&E services.

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I just attended the first stateless digital marriage

Image: Chareze Stamatelaky

In the future we might see, for example, UK recognition of Islamic Sharia law marriages, humanist marriages, and gender-neutral marriages. Gay marriage contracts could even be e-signed in parts of the UK and its territories where gay marriage is not recognised, like Northern Ireland, according to blockchain lawyer Adam Vaziri.

Eco-village offers off-the-grid refuge from London housing crisis

Faced with London's shortage of decent accommodation, with five renters chasing every London rental property, some young people prefer living in an eco-village.

Buy into renewables

Photo: Stephen Jones

The fracking industry in the US is on the verge of collapse, with oil prices plunging 50 per cent in eight months, thanks to Saudi Arabia’s unexpected decision to sell its oil cheaply.

There are now not enough buyers to mop up excess fracked gas and oil, which are produced together, causing frackers to halt the drills – low profits mean they risk bank loan defaults.

Shale-well drilling company Stone Energy has reduced the number of fracking wells it will drill in the Marcellus Shale region, and it’s not the only one. Goodrich Petroleum, BHP and EQT are also becoming less active. Across the US, shale gas fracking is shutting down.

Would-be fracker Centrica, which owns rights to frack in Britain (gained from Cuadrilla Resources) says lower oil prices will hurt profits from its drilling-fields this year, which may prove a strong disincentive to its British fracking plans.

Oil prices all over the world move in tandem. Similarly, frackers are at risk when low public d…

Smart Meter Operators Can 'Turn Off Power-Hungry Appliances'

December 2014, Truthstream Media

Smart metering is a new technology being rolled out across the UK in 2015 as part of a 'green' or 'energy saving' initiative.